A Week at Misaskim
Mrs. Janet Kashani
Mrs. Rosa Sarzan-Kashani
Mrs. Lily Eshaghian
R' Jonathan Eshaghian
Mrs. Liba Tropper
Mrs. Susan Blum
R' Noach Kabalkin
R' (Dr.) Chaim Kabalkin
R' Naftali Kabalkin
R' Yisrael Kabalkin
Mrs. Meira Halberg
Mrs. Bruria Grinboim
Mrs. Esti Schulgasser
R' Meir Zev Weisz
Mrs. Chavi Zelmanowitz
R' Yaakov Shmuel Weisz
Mrs. Rechel Shochet
R' Yaakov Shochet
R' Yechiel Schochet
R' Moshe Shochet
Mrs. Shifra Talansky
Mrs. Devorah Leitner
Mrs. Emuna Ganz
R' Joe Saldin
R' Edan Abehsera
R' Israel Abehsera
Ms. Ilana Abehsera
Ms. Raquel Abehsera
R' Uri Deblinger
Mrs. Esther Kishk
R' Moe Kishk
R' Jack Kishk
R' Abe Kishk
Mrs. Michelle Kamar
R' Chaim Hofman
R' Alan Hofman
Mrs. Sherry Nussbaum
Dr. Reuven Bekermus
Mrs. Etti Scharfer
Mrs. Devorah Weinreb
R' Chesky Scharfer
R' Shmully Scharfer
R' Yisroel Chaim Scharfer
R' Yehuda Leib Scharfer
Mrs. Rivky Leiser
Mrs. Shiffy Glustein
Mrs. Malkie Mermelstein
Mrs. Sori Feiler
Mrs. Nechie Wiederman
Mrs. Chana Rochie Rudnicki
Mrs. Devorah Leah Ungarischer
Mrs. Florence Bruckner
R' David Bruckner
R' Larry Bruckner
Mrs. Judy Sacks
Mrs. Susan Klausner
Mrs. Judy Finkelstein
R' David Klausner
Mrs. Faigy Klausner
Mrs. Esty Weisz
R' Aaron Hersh Weisz
R' Yukev Weisz
R' Yermie Weisz
Mrs. Miriam Heller
Mrs. Matie Ackerman
Mrs. Goldie Hechel
Mrs. Leah Koppel
Habachur Yoeli Weisz
Habachur Yisocher Dov Weisz
Mrs. Aviva Fortgang
Miss Batcheva Weisz
Mrs. Miriam Rubinoff
Mrs. Etty Gottlieb
Mrs. Batcheva Katina
Mrs. Malky Benedict
Mrs. Itty Maya
Mrs. Yehudis Schwartz
R' Moshe Tzvi Sofer
Mrs. Chulda Sofer
R' Eliezer Sofer
R' Yoel Sofer
R' Meir Sofer
R' Chaim Shloime Sofer
Habachur Yaakov Sofer
Habachur Avrohom Abba Sofer
Habachur Tuvia Sofer
Hayeled Yechiel Sofer
Mrs. Chana Frumet Wicentowski
R' Fishel Gold
R' Menachem Greenberg
R' Azi Greenberg
Mrs. Rochel Leah Mendlowitz
Mrs. Matie Jakobovits
Mrs. Chaya Weinstock
Mrs. Tzivya Neusdat
Mrs. Zahava Kornbluh
R' Yeshaya Kornbluh
R' Dov Kornbluh
R' Yisroel Kornbluh
Mrs. Shifra Nutovic
Mrs. Tova Schoenfeld
Mrs. Nechama Pollak
Mrs. Esther Berkowitz
Mrs. Ruthie Moskowitz
Mrs. Penny Harrison
R' Burry Moskowitz
R' Simmy (Mark) Moskowitz
R' Dovi Moskowitz
Mrs. Yehudis (Jenny) Feldstein
Mishnayos ChartCemetery DirectionsAlert Notfication SystemMisaskim Matters
Disaster/Accident Recovery
When disaster or tragedy strikes , Misaskim deals with the situation in a professional, efficient manner that is acceptable to the law and respectful to the deceased. During major catastrophes or minor accidents with Jewish casualties, Misaskim will dispatch a team of volunteers-even via private jet-to any location in the United States on a moment’s notice.
Gemach Nechumim
Misaskim’s gemach nichumim ensures that the week of shiva is a little bit more comforting and comfortable by providing aveilim with necessities from shiva chairs to sifrei torah, from folding beds to fax machines.
Meis Mitzvah
When the need arises, Misaskim assumes responsibility for the mesei mitzvah of our community, discovering the identity of unknown deceased individuals, convincing family members to opt for kevuras yisroel rather than cremations and even covering the cost of the levayos of these mesei mitzvah.
Kavod Hameis
Misaskim stands at the frontlines, safeguarding the dignity of the deceased, by advocating to prevent autopsies and educating government officials and coroners regarding kavod hames. When an autopsy is unavoidable, Misaskim insures that trained Rabbis are present during the procedure to minimize the desecration of the body.
Chevra Kadisha
Besides for performing teharos, finding burial plots and arrange the kevura, Misaskim is a backbone for other Chevra Kadisha agencies, providing sound systems, generator-powered lights for nighttime levayos and solving many logistical problems in order to arrange a funeral in a timely manner.
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